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Tactical Advantage

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The M2 aircraft flies away from the coastline.

Mission Adaptable.
Rapidly Fielded.

RapidFlight is disrupting the UAS industry with speed to field and scale to mass. Our bespoke AgileAviation process enables unprecedented speed from concept to flight, distributed mass production at the tactical edge, and significant cost and logistical footprint reductions. We produce autonomous aerial systems that rapidly evolve with ever-changing mission sets​ for the advancement of National Security interests.

/ AgileAviation Process

Modular. Powerful. Distributed.

At RapidFlight we believe in the power of speed. By fusing modular design processes with agile manufacturing techniques we have enabled the rapid deployment and iteration of platforms while supporting diverse mission sets. Our approach enables innovation, cuts waste and overhead, and ensures that critical capabilities can reach the field in less time than ever thought possible. Through AgileAviation we deliver the tactical advantage to support any mission, anytime, anywhere. We are mission ready.

How We're Different

  • High-Speed Innovation and Fabrication

  • Designed for Mass Production Capability

  • Significant Cost & Logistical Footprint Reduction

  • Distributed Manufacturing in Austere Environments

  • World-Class Operational Logistics Support

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