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The RapidFlight E2 UAS on a launcher

Mission Adaptable.
Rapidly Fielded.

RapidFlight is a design, technology, and manufacturing company capable of producing thousands of customized, low-cost, mission-ready, unmanned systems both centrally and at the tactical edge. Our advanced digital design, manufacturing process, and experienced team of industry professionals are setting new standards in aircraft customization and mass manufacturing.

/ AgileAviation Process

Modular. Distributed. Production.

RapidFlight isn't building one drone to answer one mission. With an agile design-to-manufacture approach and drones customized to your mission, we are building a drone mass production capability for a range of CONOPS at home and abroad. Our mission first design approach feed directly into our digital manufacturing platform, providing agility in scale, location, and material.

How We're Different

  • Low Cost Designs

  • Mission-Tailored Capabilities

  • Rapidly Fielded Solutions

  • Mass Produced at the Edge

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