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The Future of
Unmanned Aircraft
is Here

RapidFlight is accelerating the time from concept to flight while building unmanned aircraft systems that meet the demanding challenges, evolving requirements, and tight timelines that are inherent to our national security needs. Our disruptive approach begins from the ground up. Our value is showcased not only in the high-performance solutions we produce, but also in the philosophy that drives our innovation.

E2 aircraft sit on tables

/ Low Barrier to Innovation

Critical Savings Enable Innovation

  • ​Say goodbye to costly tooling with the power of Additive Manufacturing
  • Rapid manufacturing capabilities reduce the need for inventory stockpiles while lowering life cycle costs and logistical footprint​
  • Our accelerated design-to-manufacturing process puts solutions in the field at the moment of need
The RapidFlight M2 UAS sitting on a runway

/ Mission-tailored

Solutions designed to meet your mission

  • Our UAS adapt to the mission, the mission never adapts to system limitations
  • Modular design is agnostic to payloads enabling industry-shifting integration capabilities
  • Engines can be re-configured in theatre reducing time lost in mission requirement changes
A man attaches a wing to a UAS

/ Rapidly fielded

We build hardware at the speed of software

  • Our prototypes are flown in weeks-months instead of years ​
  • Make adjustments on the fly with agile hardware design modifications​
  • Reach the field faster with streamlined manufacturing processes
3D Printers

/ Unmatched Scalability

Mass production ​at the edge

  • Our mobile production solutions enable rapid scalability within a small footprint and low capitalization​
  • Fabrication is supported by a resilient supply chain, reducing the risk of external impacts
  • We integrate COTS components to reduce critical lead times

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