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Ultra-High Endurance

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M2 Overview

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M2 is an ultra-high endurance, fixed wing UAS designed for any environment providing Group 5 range from a Group 3 system.

  • Max Take-off Gross Weight: 175 lbs / 79.3 kg
  • Payload: 23-60 lbs / 10.5-27.2 kg
  • Maximum Endurance: 36 hrs

/ Ultra High Endurance


M2 utilizes state-of-the-art Digital Engineering and 3D Additive Manufacturing. The 23-60lb payload capacity provides flexibility with the ability to carry EO/IR, SAR, SIGINT and communication relay payloads. The modular design simplifies operational logistics for line replaceable avionics, engines, payloads, and airframe components enabling higher operational rates at lower sustainment costs. Runway independent, the M2 can be set up to operate anywhere in the world to support the warfighter or first responder at the point-of-need.

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