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Mobile Production System Overview

In the Field

RapidFlight’s Mobile Production System (MPS) enables the rapid and distributed manufacturing of unmanned aircraft systems in austere environments. The MPS brings the tactical advantage to the edge.

  • Designed to run off generators or the local power grid, in all environments.
  • Flexibility to produce custom tailored aircraft as needed in the field
  • Small logistical and operational footprint
  • Utilizes commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components

/ Distributed Manufacturing

Mobile Production System

RapidFlight's Mobile Production System (MPS) revolutionizes unmanned aircraft manufacturing by enabling rapid production in challenging environments, advancing manufacturing capabilities to the frontline. Using cutting-edge Digital Engineering and 3D Additive Manufacturing, MPS shifts the logistics model by manufacturing where it's needed most.

Each MPS unit, operated by two technicians, can produce 28 Group 3 aircraft monthly, with scalability for Group 2 and Group 1. Eight MPS units can manufacture over 2,500 Group 3 varying UAVs annually, with a production area half the size of a basketball court, set up in under a week. Easily transportable by ground, sea, or air, MPS employs off-the-shelf (COTS) components for global deployment, meeting U.S. DoD standards and adaptable to various power sources worldwide.

Designed for even harsh environments (-20º F to 130º F), MPS offers a tailored hardware and software stack for swift deployment of new designs, enhancing operational flexibility. Its compact footprint ensures a resilient supply chain, reduced inventory, and streamlined logistics. By deploying multiple units strategically, a distributed network of UAS production emerges, resilient even in remote areas.

MPS's versatility allows it to adapt to operational demands and threats, operating autonomously or in coordination with other units. It leverages local resources, reducing reliance on external supply chains and promoting sustainability.

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