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Mobile Production System Overview

In the Field

RapidFlight’s Mobile Production System (MPS) enables the rapid and distributed manufacturing of unmanned aircraft systems in austere environments. The MPS brings the tactical advantage to the edge.

  • Modular electrical connection can be tailored to the local power grid, or run off generators
  • Flexibility to produce different UAS aircraft as needed in the field
  • Automated health and status monitoring for production
  • Additional production rates are achievable with additional TEUs

/ Distributed Manufacturing

Mobile Production System

RapidFlight’s Manufacturing at the Tactical Edge (MATE) is supported by our Mobile Production System (MPS) and Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) platforms. Backed by our state-of-the-art Digital Engineering and 3D Additive Manufacturing processes, MATE shifts the logistics paradigm by manufacturing at the point of need. The 3 TEU MPS is comprised of one manufacturing unit with 3D printers, one assembly unit for incorporation of structural, avionics, and propulsion kits, and one unit for inventory storage.

The MPS puts an organic production and repair solution into the hands of the mission commander giving them an agile, on-demand solution that increases mission capability rates while reducing logistical chain impacts.

MPS in the field

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